About One Health-Ethiopia

How we started

OHE came to reality as a personal vision fulfillment of its soul founder Yonas Mamo. 10 years ago he was diagnosed of rabies virus but at that time they didn’t know the cause of the disease. Mr Yonas suffered very much from this epidemic which made him go to very distant place for traditional treatment for a long period of time. At that time, Yonas was in his home alone and it made him very sad and his family members incurred much cost to be cured from rabies. The disease caused other members of the community a health battle in the community. As a result, the founder inspired by the incident and established OHE in the month of November 2016.

We started our work with funds raised largely by family and friends as most young organizations do. This was an important part of our journey, which brought in the spirit of volunteering and commitment to the team. Tiruzer Ethiopia for Africa (TEA) and CSSP/ British Council was of great help in establishing One Health Clubs in two public Universities, Assosa and Samara.

One Health – Ethiopia (OHE) is an Ethiopian resident charity organization working in Ethiopia to tackle human, animal & environmental health issues. It works hand-in-hand with Ethiopian private & governmental universities, research centers, foundations, NGOs, Donors and Government ministries to achieve its goals & objectives. OHE’s activities involve improving research on zoonotic diseases, creating public awareness on One Health, advancing preventive measures of zoonotic diseases, promotion of innovation, & building sustainable partnership networks.

At One Health – Ethiopia (OHE), through partnerships within different disciplines, we are implementing the concept of One Health, in the approach of coordinated health management for humans, animals, and the environment in Ethiopia.

Our Vision

OHE aspires to see healthy community in the world.

Our Goal

To promote and improve the health and well-being of all humans, animals and environment.

Our Mission Statement

To establish closer professional interactions, collaborations, and promote research activities across the veterinary, medical and environmental health professions in order to improve public health.

Our Objectives

1. To establish & strengthen One Health Clubs in higher learning institutions.
2. To influence the incorporation of One Health in the national agenda for improving the health of animals, human and the environment.
3. To create national awareness within the broad scientific community, the general public and government institutions.
4. To conduct & promote research activities by establishing a zoonotic diseases research & training centre.
5. To strengthen multi-sectoral collaboration among the diverse One Health professions.
6. Strengthening partnership and promoting trust-based relationships across disciplines, internally& externally

OHE focuses on the following thematic areas;

  • Zoonotic disease prevention & mitigation
  • Research on human, animal and environmental health issues through one health approach & disseminate the results for policy making
  • Establish zoonotic disease research and training center through One health approach
  • Build sustainable partnership & promote trust-based relationships across disciplines internally & externally
  • Establish and strengthen One Health clubs in universities & other higher learning institutions