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"One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone."

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Our story is one of love, generosity, partnership, learning, sharing and connection. It’s the story participants in schools & universities’ One Health clubs, who have reached out across remote districts to improve quality primary healthcare of target community members, their livestock and their environment, share around the globe.

We invite you to become part of our story, whether you choose to donate to One Health - Ethiopia to take action to help someone else, or you simply want to learn more about the wonderful concept of One Health especially in Ethiopia and help to overcome the challenges we face.

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Invest in People, Change Countless Lives Forever

You’ve seen the difference that awareness of One Health (Human, Animal & environmental Health) makes to individuals, families, and communities. You never know what someone is capable of doing, if they’re given a chance. By investing in people, they in turn go on to help others. One small act of kindness can literally not only change one person’s world, but the whole world including yours!

What Will Your Donation Do?

Over 75% of your money goes directly to recipients. Your donation to One Health - Ethiopia, however small, can go a long way in improving the quality of life for the people in Ethiopia.

Over 75% of your money goes directly to recipients.
  • For £10 you can: – Provide a complete stationary for awareness creation sessions in controlling zoonotic diseases.
  • For £15 you can: – Produce two big banners to promote awareness of the zoonotic pandemic.
  • For £50 you can: – Purchase 3 medical equipments for zoonotic diseases laboratory test.
  • For £100 you can: – Purchase vaccines for three vulnerable children to prevent rabies.
  • For£300 you can: – Provide treatment for 25 infected people with zoonotic diseases for a year.

Thinking Bigger?

  • For £1,000 you can: – Help with the construction of a community training centre for zoonotic disease education for rural communities.
  • For £2,500 you can: – Provide training for 25 One Health club member University students on basic skills on leadership that helps them implement zoonotic diseases education campaigns in sustainable ways.
  • For £5000 you can: – Establish 10 One health Clubs in universities or in high schools
  • For 5,000 and above you can: – Help build a Zoonotic disease research centre that provides research programs and will help people understand how to prevent zoonotic disease, support themselves and their families.
  • These examples are approximations and are subject to change due to area of project implementation and currency exchange rates.

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Send an email to: One Health - Ethiopia (OHE) is committed to the privacy of their donors, and do not sell, trade, or otherwise distribute this information.

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