Board of Directors

The main responsibilities of our board.

1) Set and maintain vision, mission and values

2) Develop strategy

The trustee board is responsible for establishing the essential purpose or mission of the organization. They are also responsible for guarding its vision and values. Together, the charity board and chief executive officer develop long-term strategy. Meeting agendas reflect the key points of the strategy to keep the organization on track.

3) Establish and monitor policies

The trustee board creates policies to govern organizational activity. These cover:

- Guidance for staff
- Systems for reporting and monitoring
- An ethical framework for everyone connected with the organization
- Conduct of trustees and board business

4) Set up employment procedures

The charity trustee board creates comprehensive, fair and legal personnel policies. These protect the organization and those who work for it. They cover:

- Recruitment
- Support
- Appraisal
- Remuneration
- Discipline

5) Ensure compliance with governing document

The governing document is the rule book for the organization. The board makes sure it is followed. In particular, the organization’s activities must comply with its charitable objectives.

6) Ensure accountability

The board should ensure that the organization is accountable as required by law to:

- The Charity Commission
- The Inland Revenue
- Customs and Excise
- The Registrar of Companies (if it is a company limited by guarantee).

The board also needs to make certain that the organization is accountable to donors, beneficiaries, staff, volunteers, and the general public. This means publishing annual reports and accounts and communicating effectively.

7) Ensure compliance with the law

The board is responsible for making sure that all the organization’s activities are legal.

8) Maintain proper fiscal oversight

The board is responsible for effectively managing the organization’s resources so it can meet its charitable objects. It:

- Secures sufficient resources to fulfill the mission
- Monitors spending
- Approves the annual financial statement and budget
- Provides insurance to protect the organization from liability
- Seeks to minimize risk
- Participates in fundraising (in some organizations)
- Ensures legal compliance

9) Select, manage and support the chief executive director

The board creates policy covering the employment of the chief executive. It selects and supports the chief executive and reviews his or her performance.

10) Respect the role of staff

The board recognizes and respects the domain of staff responsibility. At the same time, it creates policy to guide staff activities and safeguard the interests of the organization.

11) Maintain effective board performance

The board keeps its own house in order. It takes steps to establish:

- Productive meetings
- High standards of trustee conduct
- Effective committees with adequate resources
- Development activities
- Recruitment and induction processes
- Regular performance reviews
- Partnership with consultants where necessary

12) Promote the organization

Through its own behavior, governance oversight and activities on behalf of the organization the governing board enhances and protects the reputation of its organization. Board members are good ambassadors for the organization.


OHE is governed by its board and it is the key policy making and governance body of the organization and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of OHE on periodically. The board consists of five members (4 male and 1 female) and is headed by a Chairperson. The board comprises of development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, and media persons.

Policies & Systems

OHE follows its specific set of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which has been revised and updated a number of times up till now in order to make them more staff friendly and organization-centered.

OHE uses its following manuals of policies:

- Human Resources and Administrative Policies.
- Accounting & Financial Policies.
- Gender mainstreaming manual.
- Trustee Policies Manual.
- Anti-Corruption & conflict of interest policy.
- Employee code-off-conduct.

These manuals contain a number of basic organizational policies and procedures which help in the creation and maintenance of a transparent, accountable and fair working environment in OHE and ensure the effective achievement of overall objectives of the Organization.

Human Resources

OHE has program staffs with various professional backgrounds such as program, management, finances and human resource etc. In addition, OHE hires the project staff as and when required. The Organization also engages volunteers and interns on need basis.

Review & Monitoring

Monitoring of projects in OHE is always the important and priority matter. There is always a built in mechanism of review and monitoring for all the projects OHE implements. The processes of review and monitoring help the organization in achieving the project objectives in smooth and timely manner. As the key mechanism of monitoring, the projects are monitored by the implementation teams; the board, the program manager & the management members of OHE.

Accounts & Audits

OHE maintains its all accounts on double entry system. Organization has developed various financial policies, systems and formats etc. which help it in effective management of all its funds and maintaining a complete transparency in receipts and payments at all levels.

OHE will be audited in the near future by the recognized chartered accountants’ firms on the completion of projects and this will be done by the end of each financial year.

The Website

OHE has developed a website. Efforts have been made to ensure that the website contains all the relevant information of the organization and the same is easily accessible to the visitors. The website improvement and updating is a continuous process and organization is trying to upload into the cyber space its maximum information possible. Its web site address is kindly visit our web site and you will enjoy it.

One health-Ethiopia Organizational Structure

Our Staff

1. Executive Director
2. Programs & fundraising Manager
3. Admin & Finance Head
4. M & E Officer
5. Partnerships & Public Relations Coordinator
6. Project Officer, Community Mobilization
7. Project Officer, Research & Training
8. Project Officer, One Health clubs